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Getting there

Friday, July 8, 2011

Theresa's Irish Truisms

University College Cork, Cork
According to my dictionary the definition of truism is : "A self-evident truth". This inspired me to think of some personal truisms. I noticed that many of my truisms seemed to relate to Ireland, and I decided to explore that a bit more. Here's what happened, dear friends...

Kinsale, County Cork
1. You can be German by genetics, Canadian by birth, and Irish by choice. I'm living proof.

2. Everyone should visit Ireland at least once in their life. And if they go once they will want to go back.

3. The Irish get a free pass in my world. For everything, at all times. No exceptions, really.

4. Everything sounds better with an Irish accent, including "Sorry, I just puked on your shoes".

5. Irish men are the most intriguing creatures on the planet. I have no idea why, they just are. But don't tell them that, they don't need to know.

6. You can have two countries in your heart - whatever country has issued your passport, and Ireland.

7. They call it the Emerald Isle for good reason. It's a rare gem, but much rarer than any emerald.

8. Spend an evening with someone Irish and you are their friend. Spend a few days with them and you are family.

9. The nickname "Wanna-B-Irish" is only an insult if it's not true. I know this first hand.

10. It's impossible to be too obsessed with Ireland. Any degree of obsession is the right amount. More is better.

11. When other people tell false stories they are lying. When the Irish tell them they are just spinning a lovely yarn.

12. It's a little known fact of the English language, but the words "Irish" and "charming" are synonyms.

13. Every little Irish town has the most delightful local pub in the world. You could spend your entire life just going from one Irish pub to the next. I might.

14. Nobody in Ireland really cares if you are rich and/or famous. In fact if you are that might just make you a bit suspect in their books.

15. And one final Irish truism from me. It should be quite self-evident that there is a country and a people I adore. In fact, there are two - Canada and Ireland. I keep wondering how to arrange plate tectonics to bring them together, because that, dear friends, would be my kind of heaven.

Ashford Castle, Cong, County Mayo

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  1. We must be kindred spirits. I too am obsessed with all things Irish. And my name is Teresa. I write for a Canadian publication. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog.