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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Single Guy Sock Theory

This is probably something most people don't devote a lot of thought to, and honestly I never really have, either. Yes, I have socks. A few dozen pairs, actually, and in a variety of colours and styles. I thought this was pretty normal until I was speaking to a single male friend who told me about his socks. He has socks, too (we live in northern Canada, and socks are pretty much required 10 months of the year). His socks are a little different, though. He has hundreds of socks, apparently. All the same colour. All the same style.

I was a bit flummoxed by his admission. Why would anyone have only socks of the same colour and style? Well, it'd due to attrition, he said. Should he lose socks he always has some in reserve to replace them, and he never has to worry about lost socks. I pointed out that it also eliminates sorting, my thought being that laziness is the real reason behind this sock-opoly, but he claims it's just more logical to only have one colour and style of sock.

I was bemused. I still am bemused. I can't argue the logic behind his philosophy but it just seems so odd. It just seems to be something only a single man would think of and believe was rational. I doubt most single women have sock drawers stuffed with one shade and style of sock. And my husband has a variety of colours of socks (although he does have a disturbing tendency towards the same style, which says to me that if he didn't have a spouse to sort and find stray socks he may gravitate towards the single-guy sock theory, too).

I asked my friend exactly how many socks he loses. He said he has no idea, and doesn't need to know as there are always socks to replace them (like "Spartacus", he said). This makes me wonder about what sort of sock-eating monster lives under his bed because generally speaking I don't lose a lot of socks and can usually locate them behind the dryer.

Quite honestly this has opened up a can of worms (box of socks?). I now find myself looking at people and wondering about their sock drawers. This is better than thinking about their underwear drawers, I suppose (which is really just a bit creepy). It's going to get even worse as I foresee conversations about sock theories, which could really change the dynamics when I meet new people. I can't quite imagine future introductions in which I announce my name and then say "so, about your socks...".

Dear friends, forgive me, but I have to ask - what's in YOUR sock drawer?

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  1. I think one huge difference between men and women is it's a lot easier to buy mens socks all one colour. When I go into the ladies department, most of the women's packages of socks come in a variety of colours. When I go into the mens department to buy Colin's socks, most of the men's packages of socks come in one shade. Right now almost all of Colin's socks are black thanks to a bulk pack of 28 I bought him.

    However, I have a teenage daughter who *borrows* my socks and they're returned via me finding them on her bedroom floor. So I have about 6 single socks hanging around my drawer in case I find their mates.