Getting there

Getting there

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Aisle Dances (and Associated Implications)

Unless you've been hiding under a rock you've heard something about the upcoming royal wedding. Even if you've been under a rock I suspect the media coverage has infiltrated even there, although it is probably a bit muffled. This past week a friend posted a video on her Facebook wall which I thought was hilarious, and wanted to share with you. Here it is:

Now, I must admit that this video kind of got me going. I have no idea how my mind works some days, but like a dog with a bone I get on to an idea and can't quite let it go. The video reminded me of the American version of the show "The Office". Fans of the show know that two characters on the show married and, of course, their office workmates decided to re-enact the wedding aisle dance. Here's the video of that:

Once I'd found that video on Youtube I needed to find the original video. It took a little bit of detective work since the wedding aisle dance has now been replicated hundreds of times and it seems every copycat couple uploaded it to Youtube. However, I believe this is the original that started it all, at least as far as I can tell:

By this point you're probably wondering why I spent a few hours of my time this week on this little project. I guess I am always curious about where ideas begin and how they evolve over time.  It made me think about which of these weddings I would like to attend or have attended - and while the royal wedding would be a great occasion to finally buy some Louboutin shoes and The Office wedding would be filled with "characters" I can't help but think that the wedding that started it all seems like the one that would be the most fun. Anyone who can come up with the wedding aisle dance seem like people who know how to throw a helluva party, don't they?

In the end I suppose I just find the nature of this amazing. The world has become such an intimate place, really. With the arrival of the Internet and Facebook and Youtube what would have been a cute little wedding aisle dance remembered by a few dozen people becomes an international phenomenon that eventually spreads to include the upcoming royal nuptials. I think there is a lesson in all this, too. We can spread ideas, good and bad, with the speed of light these days. That should both excite us and frighten us a little - the potential and the peril seem endless. Since weekends always make me think of music and dancing and, yes, even weddings, it seemed the appropriate time to post this entry. I think today however I'll forget about all the implications and just enjoy the videos. Those implications will still be there on Monday, and that seems a far better day to consider those sorts of things. I hope you enjoy the videos too, dear friends. It seems a grand day for a wedding, doesn't it?

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