Getting there

Getting there

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Power of Words

I was recently visiting a small local website forum when I came across a thread about this video. I'd never seen the video before, but not only do I think it's well done I also think it's quite profound. Check it out:

I suppose it touches me so deeply because of how strongly I feel about words. Not only do we use words to convey our thoughts and opinions but our words are the threads that connect us. They can be weapons used to harm or they can be blankets used to comfort. We see the power of words every day. Words inspire, provoke change, and motivate. They can fuel the rise of great nations and the downfall of dictators. They are the foundation for the greatest speeches of all time (think of Martin Luther King, or John F. Kennedy). They are such simple things, really, and yet words power our world, and our relationships with each other.

A friend's mother died recently after a very brief illness. My friend's request was that in honour of his mother every person who heard the news of her death take a moment to tell those they love how much they love them. That has to be one of the loveliest legacies to leave behind you, and when I saw this video I thought of my friend, and his mother. Dear friends, how will you use your words today? I humbly suggest that you use them to tell someone in your life how much they mean to you. It is a beautiful day to tell someone that you love them, isn't it?

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