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Friday, May 27, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog - The Love Songs I'm Not Ashamed Of Disc

Well, in my last music post I covered some love songs that I enjoy and also find too deeply embarrassing to admit to liking. I like to think I have good musical taste but it appears I have some deficiencies and serious, serious weaknesses in the "love song" area. The following songs aren't your typical love songs, but I'm also not embarassed by them. And I happen to enjoy them and will proudly admit to doing so. Some you've likely heard, some maybe not - so, let's go have a listen, shall we?

First up, not your typical love song band. Killing Joke is a punk-genre type band from the 1980's. This song actually has special meaning to my husband and I as we selected it as "our song" when it was new. Yes, that does tell you something about how old we are, and how long we've been together.

Killing Joke - "Love Like Blood"

I love this band and always have. The fact that they are an Irish band originally from Limerick (I've been there!) just makes them so much better. This song is lovely, and I think the lyrics are brilliant. "Now I tell you openly, you have my heart so don't hurt me" - who hasn't thought that when telling someone we love them?

Cranberries - "Dreams"

Okay, this is another band you may not associate with love songs. In fact most people probably think of them as dark and a bit creepy. I've always adored this song, though, and once had someone tell me that it made them think of me (the line they quoted to me was "Come here I think you're beautiful, my door is open wide, some kind of stranger come inside"). I suppose that might also explain my fondness for this song.

Sisters of Mercy - "Some Kind of Stranger"

I was introduced to this band by a friend. It's not your usual fare, certainly, but quite definitely a lovely, ethereal song, and it makes me think of love. Close enough to a love song for me, dear friends.

Wild Nothing - "Live in Dreams"

Let's finish with a man I think is talented, bold, and sexy. Yep, I just called Iggy Pop sexy. Get over it, I happen to think he's incredibly hot. I suppose that's because what I tend to think is attractive in men isn't just physical appearance but rather the sum total of their being. Are they talented? Smart? Funny? Irreverent? Slightly crazy? Hotter than hell, then. That makes Iggy totally, totally sexy. This video has an interview at the end so you might want to skip that bit - but I love this performance!

Iggy Pop - "Candy"

So, there you go, dear friends. Five love songs I won't deny listening to, one musician I think is incredibly sexy, and at least one band (maybe two) you don't normally associate with love of any kind. What a great way to start a weekend!

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