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Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog - The Guilty Pleasure Love Songs Disc

There are songs I am ashamed to admit that I like and listen to regularly. In fact if any of you were to come up to me tomorrow and ask me about this post I will deny ever writing it or ever claiming to enjoy these songs. I can't help it, though. Just as some literature lovers have a secret yearning for the occasional Harlequin romance novel I occasionally have a little love-fest with a song that is just plain embarrassing. So, this weekend I'll share some of those secret guilty pleasure songs with you, dear friends. And let's just keep this between us, shall we?

First up, a song from the 90's. I know it's cheesy. I have no idea why I like it, I just do. Even the name of the band is ridiculous, so it's a doubly embarrassing guilty pleasure.

Goo Goo Dolls " "Iris"

Next we have a song from the late 1980's. I don't even like Chris Isaak a little bit so I cannot explain my weakness for this song at all. I'm just as baffled as you are, frankly.

Chris Isaak - "Wicked Game"

Well, dammit, I happen to like this next one and the band, too. I suppose it appeals to my sensibilities from my younger days when I was "goth" (way back before the term goth even existed and it was just a branch of the whole new wave thing). I think Amy Lee is great, and honestly I'm going to refuse to apologize for liking this. I suppose it's just mildly embarrassing that it's me and oodles of black-clad teenagers who have a yen for this song.

Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"

Right, this one is bloody embarrassing, and I freely admit it. Cheesy as hell, too, and way too top-40 for me. At least it would usually be but something about it catches me every time I hear it. How annoying. Clearly I need better control.

Snow Patrol - "Chasing Cars"

And finally an oldie but definitely a goodie. I always respected Cyndi Lauper. I thought she was quirky and talented and funny and didn't take herself too seriously. This song has been covered by many people (most hideously by Celine Dion who should really keep those scrawny claws off other people's tunes) but Cyndi was the best. I'm not really embarrassed by this one - I still think it's kind of lovely, even after a couple of decades...

Cyndi Lauper - "I Drove All Night"

So, there you have it, dear friends. Those rank as some of my favourite guilty pleasure love songs. There are others, of course, but one does need to keep some things private. And remember - this is just between us friends. And don't bother bringing these songs up if you happen to see me - because I will deny everything! 

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