Getting there

Getting there

Thursday, September 29, 2011

For One Moment

There are certain things that touch your soul, dear friends. It may be a painting, or a poem. In my particular case it is quite often a few brief words, a quote that sings to me for some reason. The quote above is one of these. It resonates deep within me simply because this is something that has begun to happen to me with increasing frequency, and it all has to do with opening my mind and heart to allow my soul to be touched.

My new writing project has begun to put me in touch with so many new people. I have met so many people from so many different walks of life - police officers and lawyers, city councillors and fibre artists, musicians and chefs. The common thread in all of these encounters has been finding a moment when those individuals and I shared something special - a moment when we bared some part of ourselves - a dream or an idea or a vision - and thus opened our soul. We made ourselves vulnerable in some way, and allowed another human being to glimpse into our core. This is a risky proposition, dear friends. Vulnerability can lead to pain. It can lead to being dismissed or, even worse, ridiculed. What I've found, though, is that we all truly want to share those things with someone. We want to be able to expose that bit of our soul and maybe even see a tiny bit of the soul of another human - and when we do so, oh, what a feeling, dear friends.

I have come away from most of these encounters with new friends, and people that I, quite frankly, adore. They have become a part of my life, and of my own soul. In some small way I sense the same is true for some of them, too, and they have welcomed me into their hearts. Some I am in touch with frequently, and some I only speak to on occasion. Some I may never speak to again simply due to distance or circumstance. I know this, though - for one moment our lives met, and our souls touched. And that alone, dear friends, is truly enough to fill my soul with joy.

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