Getting there

Getting there

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be Remarkable

There are times, dear friends, when you find something that simply resonates with you. It can be a song, a photo, a quote, or even a video. A friend posted this on his Facebook wall today and it just caught my attention. Perhaps it is because I have started in the last year to truly embrace life, to try to live a life that is true and genuine, and, in some humble way, remarkable. You see, even if it isn't remarkable to anyone else it is to me, and that is what truly matters. When you seize those opportunities that come your way, when you see the potential in the world, and when you see what can be achieved you start to see how all things become possible. You begin to see the beauty around you, and you begin to see a path form in front of you. These are choices we can all make, dear friends. We can choose to "live", or we can choose to be "alive". We can choose to be remarkable.

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