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Getting there

Friday, June 24, 2011

Heroes and Angels

Dear friends,  I wrote yesterday about momentary lapses in judgement and how they can change the trajectory of your life. Since the riots in Vancouver this is something I've been thinking about a great deal. I imagine most of us watched the riots unfold with some degree of horror, disbelief, and anger. As time has gone on, though, other stories have come to the forefront - stories of those with courage to stand up against a mob. I'd like to share one of those stories.

I think all my readers know I have a wee problem with shoes. I'm a shoe junkie, and one of my very favourite shoe designers and retailers happens to be John Fluevog. In March when I visited Vancouver I was lucky enough to visit the store location on Granville, and during the riots I must admit I worried about what was happening to my beloved Fluevog store. As it turns out my fears were well placed as rioters did indeed smash windows, and were about to begin looting the store. One rioter was even trying to start a fire inside the store. What saved the store? This man.

His name is Andrew. I don't know if Andrew is a Fluevog fan, or if he just happened to be walking by the store when the rioters attacked. It doesn't really matter as what Andrew did is heroic regardless. He stationed himself outside the store and prevented looters from entering. He stopped someone from tossing a flaming bag into the store. He couldn't save all of downtown Vancouver, but he saved one small store that I hold dear to my heart. Dear friends, people like Andrew renew my faith in humanity. When all seems lost, and when the world seems to be going mad, people like Andrew appear and they stand up for what they believe. They risk themselves. Others might call that foolish, and perhaps it is - but it's also beyond brave. It makes me feel that just maybe there is hope for us all.

I had my daughter read the story I wrote yesterday about the young rioter who made such a poor decision. Today I will have her read about Andrew to see that all is not lost, and that even during times of great turmoil there are people who stand firm and stare down those who threaten us. There are heroes and angels among us, dear friends. One happens to be a man in Vancouver named Andrew.

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