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Getting there

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Face Sucking Zombies Don't Like To Be Licked (And Other Marital Advice)

There are days, dear friends, when I realize I have a very unusual little family. There are only three of us, my husband, my daughter, and I, and we are extremely close. We share many things, such as a love of travel and knowledge, an interest in science and exploration, and, well, an unusual sense of humour.

One night we were just sitting around watching television, and an ad about a zombie movie came on. The ad was both disturbing and funny, as anything zombie-related tends to be, although it had the best music I've ever heard for a zombie-movie commercial ("Mad World" - listen to the lyrics!). Suddenly my daughter turned to us and for no particular reason said "face sucking zombies don't like to be licked, you know". Now, in any other family perhaps this would be considered an unusual statement, but in mine it's pretty much close to the usual conversational fare.

Very quickly my husband and daughter began riffing off that line and off each other, finally settling on the title that heads this post. They decided that I should write a blog posting about this title, although I'm a little bewildered as to what other kind of marital advice one would include in this category. Perhaps "neck biting vampires hate turtlenecks" and "mouth-frothing werewolves find collars and leashes inhibiting"?

What I love about our little trio is how we can get into some conversations that make us laugh until we all cry. We have had discussions that have left us all sore from excessive laughter. We can start with a very small statement and end up in a place where we are all red-faced, entirely speechless, and incapable of further interaction as anything anyone says starts it all over again. I'm not saying any of us would make it as a professional comedian, but we can make each other laugh, which is an incredible thing for people who spend every day of every month of every year together.

So, dear friends, my marital advice today? Don't lick any face sucking zombies. And if you figure out what that means then perhaps you can explain it to me, because honestly I still have no idea!

Gary Jules - "Mad World"

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