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Getting there

Monday, March 5, 2012

We Interrupt This Blog - The Mixed Bag Disc

This personal blog has been neglected recently due to other projects taking off - but since I always have time to listen to music I decided to share some of what I am currently enjoying. Some is new, some is old, but as usual for some reason these songs resonate with me at this particular point in the journey of my life, so here goes!

First up is a relatively new song. I love this song for many reasons - it's quirky, the music is interesting, and it's very easy to listen to. Even more, though, the lyrics speak to me. I think we have all had relationships, romantic or otherwise, that have ended with us being treated as strangers by the one we have separated from. It doesn't even matter how well you think you knew them - in the end they become just somebody you used to know. And sometimes you wonder, in retrospect, if you really knew them at all.

Gotye - "Somebody That I Used to Know" (with Kimbra)

Now, this is an old one. I was always a Cyndi Lauper fan - quirky, funny, a wee bit crazy, and with a wicked voice. I told someone once that this song made me think of them, because I think they were afraid to show who they really are to the world. They kept parts of themselves hidden deep, worrying that if people saw those parts they would turn away. Funny thing is that it's those hidden parts that reveal the most about who we truly are, and are most likely to resonate with those who are truly like us.

Cyndi Lauper - "True Colours"

Right, another old one. I've been on a Pat Benatar kick lately, and I'm not sure why. I think it's because she's just so damn feisty. She sang a lot about love - but I don't think she is exactly a compromising sort when it comes to getting what she wants in that department. And I say good for her!

Pat Benatar - "Heartbreaker"

And since I seem to be listening to a lot of female diva types I have to include Katy Perry. She might be dismissed as a "pop" musician but I happen to love her lyrics. She seems pretty comfortable with who she is, even when faced with difficult life events. You gotta respect that, and I love to see her working it out in her art, too. I guess musicians and writers aren't really all that different. I told someone recently that this song made me think of them - I guess I tend to associate certain songs with certain people. For me this one is much like "True Colours" - all about letting who you are shine.

Katy Perry - "Firework"

And, finally, I just love this song. There is something haunting about it, something lovely and profound. I find myself listening to it again and again. Musically complex and lyrically interesting, it's one of my favourite songs from last year.

Mumford and Sons - "The Cave"

So, there you go, dear friends. It's a mixed bag of music these days in my world, pop divas and quirky musicians. Frankly it's a bit like my life right now - just kind of quirky, although I am trying to avoid the "diva" part :)

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