Getting there

Getting there

Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Year Ago A Journey Began

I suppose I find it a bit hard to believe. It was a year ago today that my life changed forever. It wasn't a birth, and it wasn't a death. It was a trip, just a trip that I expected would be marvellous, but that I never expected would change my world - and yet it did.

You see, dear friends, a year ago today I was on a plane headed to London Heathrow. It was to be my first trip to the UK, 10 days spent in London and 10 days in Ireland. It was to be a special Christmas with my family, and it was - but it was also so much more. It became a turning point in my life. It became a time that changed so many things about me, including finding the path I am now on - as a writer.

Oh, I had always written things, but it wasn't until after this trip that I felt the burning need to write. I had so many stories to tell, stories that would bore if I told them to the same people again and again. So I decided I needed to tell those stories another way. Two friends suggested a blog, and so this blog was born.

And then, a few months later, another blog was born, one about life in my community. And that blog led to work - paid work writing. It led to job offers, some I accepted and some I turned down. It led to so much more, though. It led to discovery.

It led to me learning who I am, and what I care about. It led to the discovery of my passions, and to learning to explore them. It led to self-confidence, and self-worth, and self-trust. I had those things before, but in a much smaller measure. The trip changed my world, forever - because it changed me.

It was just a holiday, a trip thousands of people make. But for me one year ago today I began a journey to more than a destination. I began a journey to a new life, and to a new understanding of myself. Every journey begins with a single step, the saying goes. Mine began on a flight to London Heathrow, and the trip is still continuing. I never expected it, and I never anticipated it. Unlike my trip to England and Ireland this journey has been completely spontaneous - but I've never been on a better trip in my life. And the best part? It's not over yet. 

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  1. T .. I am soooooooooooooo happy for you ... I'm so happy for anyone that hits that "blip" in their lives and wonders "is this it?" "is this all?" ... very very few people unfortunately are able to see that this ISN'T IT, that THERE IS MORE TO ME ... you've discovered that.

    You were a child, a daughter, a sister, then a mother and a wife (and your still all of the above) but now you've discovered "YOU" ... it's truly a blessing and I'm glad you've found it!!!!