Getting there

Getting there

Friday, January 21, 2011

On beginnings and names.

Recently a dear friend sent me a message on Facebook and asked if I had a blog. I told her that I had considered it many times but always rejected the idea as I really couldn't imagine anyone being interested enough to actually read my blog. She replied that she would love to read more of my stories in depth, and I decided that perhaps just my writing it and her reading it was enough reason to do it - and that if others decided to read it was just a bonus! So, here we are....

Speaking of being here I should explain the name of my blog. When I lived in Toronto many years ago I worked at the reception desk of a veterinary clinic in Cabbagetown, close to the heart of downtown. As the front desk person I fielded many questions, including those from occasional passersby who would ask for directions to places such as the CN Tower. Being 24 and mischievous I would often brightly reply "Oh, you can't get there from here!". Now, most would wait for the wink, laugh, and real directions, but I was always astonished at the number of people who would reply "Okay, thank you", and walk out the door. I was left speechless, wondering if this was how they lived their lives - believing they couldn't get there from here?

So, here it is, peeps. You can get there from here. In fact, you can get here from there, and all points in between. You just need to believe it, and, well, occasionally a map helps! In future entries I plan to tell some stories about my travels, people I've met, and share some opinions which may or may not be popular. If you enjoy this blog all credit goes to my friend Jo who convinced me it was time to start blogging. If you don't enjoy it then all blame is mine, and you can't get there from here!

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